Weaver Virtual Solutions specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for insurance agencies, providing outstanding communication, being 100% transparent, and delivering exactly what you need and want. We focus on value and results. We are not trying to be the biggest insurance agency SEO service provider, but we are the best! Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, and nothing we deliver is a “one size fits all” approach.

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Organic SEO or Paid Ads?

We can do both!

We love to help grow your business organically. This is our area of specialty. We focus on providing consistent and dedicated attention to your business listing on the internet. This results in linear growth over several months and years. We see fantastic results in our processes and program of focusing on local SEO growth. Several agents have seen 40%+ growth in the first few months of coming on board our program. 

Focused on driving in new business through paid ads? We can help you optimize those Google Ads! We are knowledgeable in Google's platform and can produce pay-per-click campaigns that will help drive business that leads to conversions. We regularly check in on the campaign to see how customers are reacting to the campaign. We make changes as needed to make the most of your investment. 


What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a form of SEO that focuses on optimizing your business and website to be discovered during local searches. Think of Local SEO as your ranking on Google Maps. You might currently be under the impression that the search results on Google Maps are a direct correlation with Google search engine results, but that is not the case. Google Maps has its own ranking system that is separate from the Google search engine results.


You should be focused on Local SEO if you have a physical location that might be searched by customers. This includes bakeries, breweries, restaurants, grocery stores, insurance agencies, car dealerships, churches, etc. Anything that has a physical location/building should be spending time ensuring they have a proper local SEO gameplan.

We can help you capitalize on various social media platforms. We focus on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but can help you on any platform that is available today.


We will create content and post it to your business-associated account for you. This content will be customized for your agency.

If you are interested in running ads on any of the social media platforms, we perform those services as well. We monitor your campaigns regularly to ensure the correct audience is being reached. We provide you a full, detailed report at the end of each campaign.

Need Help with Social Media?

Plans & Pricing

Local SEO


$250 one-time setup fee, waived if the 1-year contract is signed

Package includes:

- Google My Business Management

- Google My Business Audit

- Google My Business Posting and Content Creation, specific to your agency

- Review Management

- Business Website Monthly Management and Update

- Monthly Reports and Metrics

- Dedicated Manager for your Account

- Citation Management

Paid Ads

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$200 one-time setup fee

Package includes:

- Google Ads Management (does not include ad spend)

- Spam Protection

- Click Fraud Protection

- Monthly Reports and Metrics

- Dedicated Manager for your Account

Social Media

Contact For Pricing

Add-on to other plans or stand-alone service

Package includes:

- Post to Social Media Platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram

- 8 Posts per platform per month (24 posts a month max)

- Ad Campaign Reporting (ad spend is not included)

- Dedicated Account Manager

- Customized content for your agency


~The Weavers~

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