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Google Ads for Insurance Agents

While you want to be sure to focus on growing your online presence organically through SEO, being at the top of the first page by using Google Ads is a great strategy to increase leads. 

Click To Call Ads

Click To Call Ads are shown on mobile devices. These ads will display on Google and give the user the opportunity to call you directly from the Google Ad. This allows for you to talk with the lead directly instead of having to follow up based on information that came from a landing page form. This typically leads to a better conversion ratio.

click to call.png

Landing Page Forms

Directing leads to your landing page to complete a form is a great way to generate more leads. This is done by posting Ads on Google Searches and directing them to your insurance landing page to fill out a form to gather information. This allows you to know what they are looking for before you reach out to them. These ads typically generate a better conversion ratio than buying internet leads.

Want to learn more? Fill out our lead form and we will follow up with you shortly to see what is the best marketing plan for your insurance agency.

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