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Google Ads App Updated With 3 New Features

The Google Ads app for Android and iOS has been updated with new features that bring its functionality closer to that of the desktop version.

Marketers will be able to do the following with the Google Ads app:

  • More reasons for campaign adjustments can be found here.

  • Keep an eye on the latest search trends in real-time.

  • On their smartphone, they can create full campaigns.

More information about campaign data, such as explanations for performance changes, is now available in the Google Ads app. For example, if you adjust your bid and budget plan, the app will show how the change affected performance. Shifts in search interest, as well as insights into favorable performance changes, will be better explained. This additional information can help you figure out what worked and why in your marketing, which you can utilize to develop more effective campaigns in the future.

Keep up with changing consumer demand with a new real-time analysis of search patterns. When you tap on a certain search trend, you'll get a list of common inquiries that are related to it. For example, a search trend like "pies & tarts" can disclose the specific types of pies individuals are looking for. When appropriate, Google may also display a tip to assist you in optimizing your campaign for an emerging search trend.

You may now build a search campaign without being linked to your desktop computer by using the Google Ads mobile app. There are only a few phases to this process. Begin by touching the plus-sign button on the screen's bottom right corner. Choose the type of campaign you wish to run, the location where your advertising will appear, and other campaign options. You may continue to monitor and optimize the campaign's performance from the mobile app after it has been launched. These enhancements are now accessible to all Google Ads marketers.

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