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Instagram Updates

Instagram is rolling out upgrades that will give users more options for remixing videos and a new way to advertise their live streams.⁠ ⁠

When you schedule a live video on Instagram, you can now use a new banner to showcase it on your main profile page. You have the option to make as many scheduled live videos as you want. This allows you to market a live stream that runs at the same time every day, for example. Visitors to your profile can press the banner to set a reminder for your next live video. ⁠ ⁠

Remixing videos are now available to all Instagram users. On Instagram, a "remix" is when you take other people's videos and comment to or reimagine them with your own. It's comparable to the video reactions on TikTok. When Instagram first launched the remix tool, it was essentially a ripoff of TikTok's reaction videos. Users could only remix the TikTok-inspired Instagram Reels previously. Any public video on Instagram may now be remixed, whether it's a Reel or a feed post. Simply pick "Remix this video" from the three-dot symbol that appears in the upper right corner. Remixing is an opt-in tool that allows users to select which videos they wish others to remix.⁠

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