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YouTube Adding More Analytics Data About Views & Revenue

YouTube is exploring ways to give creators additional information about their videos' performance, such as detailed reports on view and revenue sources. YouTube also intends to actively aid producers in producing fresh video ideas by offering trending reports. These capabilities are shown in a new video on YouTube's Creator Insider channel, which gives a "preview" of how the reports will look when they're released.⁠

YouTube creators want to know where their videos are getting the most views. All views are counted as a single measure in analytics reports if you publish regular videos, upload Shorts, or hold live streams. YouTube is working on new statistics that will provide an overview of various video formats and the number of views generated by each. You'll be able to see information such as how many hours of video you uploaded, how many hours you streamed, how many views each format received, and more.⁠

YouTube is also working on a report that will provide data to assist people to come up with new video ideas. YouTube has released an experimental tool that shows the popularity of specific search terms as well as which video themes are lacking in content. This tool will be enhanced to display which themes are currently trending on YouTube and which videos are gaining traction with your audience. In addition, the tool will suggest new themes for you to explore in order to broaden your audience, as well as topics that are likely to resonate with your current audience. There's no word on when any of these new features will be available. YouTube intends to work on them throughout the rest of the year.⁠

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