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Content Marketing

Making content can seem stressful and impossible to be perfect. Good news! Content does not need to be perfect. Content should be focused on connecting with your customers and creating that relationship. ⁠

Here are some tips for creating better content:⁠

1. Tell a story – Using storytelling within your content keeps your audience engaged. It grabs people’s attention, and everybody wants to know what happens next. ⁠

2. Fear of Mission Out (FOMO) – Nobody wants to miss out on the fun so use the FOMO technique. If you can create a sense of urgency, you will have a greater chance of getting a reaction from your audience. This can be “limited time offers” such as seasonal products that will sell out quickly.⁠

3. Mystery Content – Mystery is intriguing. New product dropping soon? Create a mystery post about it! Making some big moves in your business? Drop some content hinting about it that makes them come back for more to see the big news!⁠

4. Humor – Everyone needs some humor in their life. Laughter is a great way to form a connection with new customers. It can show that you are not always 100% serious and about business. Just make sure the humor is not offensive or insensitive. ⁠

5. Surprise! – Do you know any interesting or surprising facts? Include those within your posts. A good plot twist at the end of a story (See #1 above) can make your content memorable.⁠

Try these tips in your next content posts and let us know how they work for you!⁠

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