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Google My Business is now Google Business Profile

As Google streamlines and renames its crucial local search service, Google My Business, get accustomed to saying "Google Business Profile." With the new name comes a brand new mechanism for businesses to claim their profile, which they can now do immediately from Search and Maps.⁠

A fast Google search for your company's name will return an option to validate your profile or fix concerns with one that has already been claimed. This can also be done through your Google Maps app profile or by searching for "my business" in the search field.⁠

Merchants who claim or build a Google Business Profile can finish their set up on Google Search and Maps. Businesses will be able to know whether their profile is publicly viewable right away because the entire procedure may be performed in Google Search. If it isn't, Google will tell you what you need to do to make it visible to searchers.⁠

There's nothing else you need to do if you've previously claimed a Google Business Profile (formerly known as a Google My Business listing). Google Search and Maps will be the most convenient way to manage your profile in the future. To transfer customers to the new experience, the Google My Business app will be terminated in 2022. Users of the Google My Business API can keep using it because it isn't going away. It will keep all of its present functionality and will get future updates.⁠

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