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Google Business Profile: Conversion Factors

What causes visitors to become paying customers after viewing your Google Business Profile?

There are numerous potential causes. We will examine every characteristic of the GBP that could impact conversion rates for Google Business Profiles. You should take into account each when conducting a Google Business Profile Audit.

Number of Reviews

Would you believe a listing that had only one review and had a five-star rating? Or would you prefer to read more reviews to ascertain the validity of the total review rating? Because of this, conversion rates might be impacted by the number of reviews. To give users confidence in your total rating, gather as many reviews as you can.

Overall Review Rating

As long as there aren't a lot of unfavorable reviews, having them isn't always a bad thing. There are "business ratings sweet zones," per a study by Uberall. Conversions can rise significantly for locations that raise their Google My Business star ratings from 3.5 to 3.7. “On the whole, conversion rates peaked when businesses attained 4.9 stars, but it is when businesses improved from 3.5 stars in a given year to 3.7 stars the following year that conversion growth increased by almost 120%, the highest percentage growth jump from any star rating.”

Responding To Reviews

Conversion rates may rise if positive reviews are responded to. As well as responding to unfavorable critiques. This is because it allows you to demonstrate your character to users by letting them see how you diplomatically handle dissatisfied clients.

How Recent Was Your Last Review?

What if there haven't been any reviews posted on your listing in weeks? Users might believe you've stopped doing business. or the fact that you have no clients? Users will be put off by this, which lowers conversion rates.

Make Sure Your GBP Is Complete

It stands to reason that the more information users have to choose whether or not to contact you or make a purchase from you, the more information there will be on the GBP listing.

Business Hours

If users don’t know for sure that you’re open, will they think you’re closed? Will they come by your business location? Will they call? Possibly not. Users may be sure that you are open and that they can visit or contact you by posting your business hours.

Phone Number

It should be obvious that removing your phone number from your GBP will lower conversions if a phone call is considered a conversion for your company. Without a phone number, how can they complete a phone call conversion?


Most businesses consider any action taken on their website to be a conversion. Examples include filling out a contact form, making a phone call, or making a purchase online. If you don’t have a website link listed in your GBP listing, you will reduce the number of conversions here as well. Oftentimes, drastically.

Services Listed

You can list all of the services you provide in your GBP listing if you sell them in addition to or in place of tangible things. Most likely, these have little impact on rankings, but if you add services to your Google Business Profile, users will be able to see all of your offerings. If it demonstrates what they are seeking, this may draw their attention and lead to them contacting you. According to Google, you may have the opportunity to add the services you provide, along with their descriptions and costs, to your business profile. To keep your services structured if your company has many categories, combine services into sections under the relevant category. Your service can be highlighted on your profile when local clients conduct a Google search for a service you provide. All of your services are also accessible to customers using mobile devices under "Services."

Upload Photos

It's a good idea to include images in your GBP listing. It's important to take pictures of your company's inside and exterior, staff, menu, etc. Users who are contemplating whether or not to do business with you will want to view this information.


Conversion rate optimization is made easy with Google Business Profile Posts! In a sense, these are miniature posts on your GBP listing. Simply sharing an update, displaying an offer, etc. are all options. On each post, they provide you the option to select a call-to-action that motivates readers to convert. The postings' pictures may also be important.

Business Attributes

Businesses can display special information or services to users by using attributes. There are many various GBP features that you might not expect. "Veteran-owned," "mask required," "curbside pickup," or "Wi-Fi," as examples. You might be on your way to getting more consumers if you happen to list an attribute that your users are seeking.

GBP Messaging

For the majority of organizations, sending an email, completing a contact form, or engaging in chat all count as conversions. Consequently, you are probably losing out on more conversions if you don't have the GBP Messaging Feature enabled. If you consider leads to be a conversion, make sure this feature is turned on. or if you enjoy communicating with your clients frequently.

Although it may seem difficult, going through the aforementioned steps is worthwhile. You've already put in a lot of effort to rank your GBP listing. It's time to win these people over now!

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