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Do NOT Make These Mistakes in your Google My Business Listing

If you are a local business, you NEED to have a Google My Business listing. This should be used to gain new customers and provide information to existing ones. This listing is what helps you get found on Google Maps. It also can help drive customers to your website. Whether you are new to Google My Business or already have a listing, you need to make sure you are not making these errors.

First things first, you want to make sure all the information on your listing is accurate and complete. This is called "auditing" your listing. Be sure to look at the business address, your website that is listed, the hours of operation, services area, etc. All this information is very important to the customer so making sure it is accurate is essential.

Sometimes the information can be accurate, but it seems fishy to Google. For instance, if you have a business with multiple locations, but use the same number at all locations, Google might flag this and cause you problems. The best thing is to make sure each business listing is unique and does not list duplicate information like this.

Taking the listing a step further, you should be making posts and uploading photos every week. This will help drive traffic to your listing. This is a part of Local SEO best practices. Do you need to be uploading photos and making posts every day to boost the SEO, no. You should be uploading a photo and making a post at least once a week to your Google My Business listing. That is a local SEO best practice. You should also make sure you are listing on other sites to help provide additional links to your website. These sites should include Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, Bing Local, Manta, Better Business Bureau, Angi, Yahoo Local, etc. Some of these sites might not pertain to your business based on the services or products you provide.

Below is what our listing looks like to the end user when you search us in Google. Note all the information that is displayed. Weaver Virtual Solutions provides services to clients. If you have a business that sells products, you could list those products to be displayed within your listing.

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