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Email Marketing

Do you have a list of email subscribers that you currently manage? When was the last time you sent out an email to them? Do you send emails consistently? We have some tips for you!⁠

Email Marketing can still be effective in producing sales. It is a great way to notify customers of new or upcoming products/services that your business offers. Include details of the products that your customers would want to know and might have questions about.⁠

SALES! You should be sending emails with products that are on sale for that week/month. This will help drive business for those products and get customers in your (virtual) door that might lead to upselling. ⁠

Hosting an event? Let the people know! Send out an email detailing the event (i.e., date, time, location, what is happening, who will be there, sponsors, etc.). People love being invited to events, so use that to your advantage.⁠

Moving to a new location? Your customers should probably find out about the move by your rather than driving by your store front and noticing you are no longer there. Yes, you should also post about this on your social media accounts, but an email would be nice as well. ⁠

These are just a few ideas you should be using for email marketing. What are some topics you use email marketing for?⁠

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