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SEO Tips and Tricks: Keywords

Keywords are a critical piece of the #SEO algorithm. #Keywords should be found throughout your website for the content you are covering. Are your keywords being searched by others, or are they the ones you use most?⁠ This is an important question to ask yourself as not everyone thinks the same way. How you search for something, might not be the same as how others search for the same item/product/service. Your website should be all inclusive in this regard. A quick way to discover how people search for keywords is by using a keyword search generator.

Google Trends SEO
Google Trends for SEO vs Search Engine Optimization

There are many keyword search generators available to use, as you can discover with a quick Google/Bing search. In the image above, you will see the search results for SEO vs. Search Engine Optimization. As you will notice, SEO has received significantly more search queries than Search Engine Optimization over the last year. Keyword Generator for Search Engine Optimization Keyword Generator for Search Engine Optimization

If you want to find alternatives for the term “Search Engine Optimization”, you might consider “search engine”, “search results”, or “website traffic”. If you are a SEO company, then including "Search Engine Optimization Company" or "Search Engine Optimization Services" would be beneficial. These keywords are all directly related to the term “Search Engine Optimization” but can grab users who are not directly searching for “Search Engine Optimization”.⁠

Be sure to use keyword search generators quite often as keywords are always changing, in regards to popularity. If you need help with your SEO, send us an email at⁠

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